Geeky Jumps: Google Glass 2

February 23, 2014

Google Glass 2

It is coming even if you’re prepared or not. The cyborg future, as I call it. Not the kind of what is depicted in the star trek or in your favorite sci-fi author’s books, however one that produces a far better future for human life. Slowly, features like Google glass is expected to get merged within our biology classes in upcoming years. We’ve already began to see the mind-controlled and currently ‘touch-feeling’ prosthetic limbs emerge and it’s only getting bigger and better.

Google Glass two 300x224 the long run of Google Glass and What it means?

Google Glass two

Google Class

You may consider Google Glass as a novelty contrivance, and perhaps it's right away, however it'll evolve. Version two of the Glass has recently been previewed and it’s an enormous set up not solely in specifications, however in aesthetics. The search engine giant has additionally recently mentioned that they're presently testing a contact lens that detects glucose level of the user.

That may not be the most important news for the typical person, however if you merely extrapolate the speed of evolution, we’re not far off from advanced contact version of Glass. The device may hypothetically manufacture better than 20/20 vision, track our health and in fact replace our smart-phone as Glass makes an attempt to now. Now imagine an equivalent sort of progression altogether different gadgets. We are going to be able to extend our lives deeply. Consider what implications a 24/7 full body health monitor would have. And don’t forget our computing evolution because of quantum computing. A.I. won't solely be driving United States around as we’re getting down seeing with Google Cars – it’s expected to resolve several of the world’s most confusing issues.

Of course, this is often all projections, hypothesis’, created by professionals rather more intelligent than I. clearly I supply to a utopian future, and maybe that's simply mere optimism, however if you follow any school or science blogs, you recognize that there's impossible, astounding technologies rising daily. After all, what’s the counter to our long running verified progression of technology?

Well, there's some. If you listen to negative or “realist” economic expert and or analysts, they’ll tell you that our finite sources our dwindling, that our economy is entering a collapse, which our earth is beyond repair. I might wish to think they’re merely crazy, however there's some data to back-up their depressing claims. The manner I see it's it’s a race of tech versus human error and If I were a betting man, I’d bet on tech being our savior as we have a tendency to come on the brink of alleged destruction.

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