Geeky Jumps: Transfer Music from iPhone 4S to PC without iTunes.

January 27, 2014

Transfer Music from iPhone 4S to PC without iTunes.

We all use iTunes. It's our gateway to millions of song downloads, thousands of TV shows and movies, that killer new App Store, and a terrific selection of podcasts. Without it, our iPods and iPhones would be empty, lonely, and sad.

But, oh, iTunes tends to act non-responsive at times. It lacks some the most obvious features which in-turn troubles us and does things that are just plain dumb. Sometimes, It wont show up all the songs that you have in and many other problems like updating it frequently.

Well, I've came up with some alternatives which surely will ease the transfer of your favorite music to your PC and vice versa..

CopyTrans Manager

It is a free software that allows you to transfer iPod music from iPod, copy music from iphone to itunes, transfer music from ipod to computer by simple 
drag and drop. Easy as cake.


Its the same as CopyTrans but more user interactive.

Ecoute automatically detects and syncs with your iTunes library. In Ecoute, you can sort by artist, album, composer, genre, playlist and song. Ecoute also has a small widget that stays on your desktop when you're playing a song, which you can use to easily access play controls.

Tomahawk syncs all of your online accounts as well as local collections into one streamlined app. Available for Windows, Mac and a plethora of other operating systems.

Its an OS X  music player that is good if you want something that won't get in your way. With a streamlined user interface, Vox has a clean design that is also easy-to-use.

Stay Tuned for more updates on android and iOS.

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