Geeky Jumps: The Brand New Galaxy S5

February 27, 2014

The Brand New Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the fifth addition to the Galaxy S Series. There were a lot of unanswered questions from Galaxy S4 if you remember was called "The Voyage Home". 

Samsung Galaxy S5

The Brand New Galaxy S5:

So, there are a few things about it that really stands out right away. It has a larger screen i.e. 5.1 inches which is in fact quite big. It has a fingerprint sensor on the home screen similar like fingerprints that appeared on the other products just like Brand X. Also, the galaxy S5 is now water proof up to one meter for up to 20 mins that means you can pretty much carry it to anywhere. It’s obviously a big deal, if you drop it in a puddle or anything depending on your carelessness. 

And also the usual improvements that I’d expect:
 - Better Camera
 - Better connectivity
 - Higher Speed


It also has a heart rate sensor that you can touch it, it’s on the back side of the phone, next to the camera and it'll tell you your rate, pretty handy for a heart diseased. And it also has a better material, people used to complain a little about the S4 being a bit plasticky, S5 has plastic too; but a better one. It’s a better thinner phone, not necessarily a lighter phone but that’s cause they're packing into it with a lot better chips and better radios like that.
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