Geeky Jumps: January 2014

January 28, 2014

Things you didn't knew your android could do.

Smartphones are AWESOME, period, they are basically a computer in your pocket. A pocket packed full of features to make your life comfortable. But some of those features are less obvious than others.

So, for some newbies out there, here are some stuffs you never knew your android could do. 

You can personalize the launcher on your Android

Almost every Smartphone maker has an Android OS as its interface because its extensive compatibility and simplicity, after some extent it gets a bit boring watching that whole look again and again..Thankfully,here's a solution : Launcher or Interface which allows you to change and personalize the way your android looks. Look for android launchers in Google Play and it'll return numerous results. Some are better than others. Nova Launcher is one of the best. It looks similar to the stock Android, but gives you a number of awesome tools to further customize it.

The app is free, but you have to buy the 'Prime' version if you want to add more features, such as customizable gesture controls.

Control other devices through your infrared equipped phone

If your phone has infrared functionality, it can control anything that responds to infrared signals. You'll likely find that there are apps like 'WatchON', which can be programmed to control your TV or set top box. Cool, Isn't it?

But still, if your phone doesn't have a built in infrared control,don't bother ro get that had it included, you'll definitely find that Google Play has a few downloads available.

Your phone can identify songs

Oldschool apps like Shazam has already been there for long which means that this function is not that exclusive, but still pretty cool. You could get Shazam or SoundHound for your Android either of which can be used to identify a song as it's playing.

Both Google and Microsoft are coming up with apps, Google's solution is called 'Sound Search' and For Windows Phone users,  simply tap the search button while a song is playing, then tap the music icon and VOILA!

You can turn your Android into a game console

Now, this one's amazing. There are some powerful Android phones around, and on the race of getting everything in your pocket developers have come up with technology through which you can turn your Smartphone into a console controller.

MHL (aka Mobile High-Definition Link) is a way to connect phones to HD televisions and monitors. By using an MHL cable connected to the micro USB port on your phone at one end and your screen's HDMI port at the other, you can play console games easily. Not all phones support this, but some do, in particular Samsung and Sony support MHL on a number of their handsets.And Yeah, It might lag at times.

Use your Android to check temperature and humidity

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is packed full of useful and not so useful features, one of them is its temperature and humidity sensors. It's an odd use for an unusual feature, but still something you might not know, so I'm just putting it out here.

You can send and receive visual voicemail to your phone

App, such as 'HulloMail', displays your voicemail as a menu, allowing you to tap a message to play it rather than having to listen to every message in order. It even allows to view voicemails as text, though that function isn't free. Of course, they won't give away everything for free.

Use the volume buttons to skip music

On Android it can be achieved with the help of app such as 'Pocket Skip Track', that allows you to change track by double tapping the volume buttons. For blackberry, go to the 'System Volume' in settings and in is, it's not possible without jailbreak. And Windows phone falls far behind, as usual.

Block numbers

Apps like 'Truecaller' and 'Mr. Number', apart from notifying the person who's calling, it can natively block a number too.

January 27, 2014

Transfer Music from iPhone 4S to PC without iTunes.

We all use iTunes. It's our gateway to millions of song downloads, thousands of TV shows and movies, that killer new App Store, and a terrific selection of podcasts. Without it, our iPods and iPhones would be empty, lonely, and sad.

But, oh, iTunes tends to act non-responsive at times. It lacks some the most obvious features which in-turn troubles us and does things that are just plain dumb. Sometimes, It wont show up all the songs that you have in and many other problems like updating it frequently.

Well, I've came up with some alternatives which surely will ease the transfer of your favorite music to your PC and vice versa..

CopyTrans Manager

It is a free software that allows you to transfer iPod music from iPod, copy music from iphone to itunes, transfer music from ipod to computer by simple 
drag and drop. Easy as cake.


Its the same as CopyTrans but more user interactive.

Ecoute automatically detects and syncs with your iTunes library. In Ecoute, you can sort by artist, album, composer, genre, playlist and song. Ecoute also has a small widget that stays on your desktop when you're playing a song, which you can use to easily access play controls.

Tomahawk syncs all of your online accounts as well as local collections into one streamlined app. Available for Windows, Mac and a plethora of other operating systems.

Its an OS X  music player that is good if you want something that won't get in your way. With a streamlined user interface, Vox has a clean design that is also easy-to-use.

Stay Tuned for more updates on android and iOS.

Android or iOS. What's Your Pick?

Well, This is the first question that comes to one's mind looking for a new phone or Tablet.Even though iOS 7 has been reeling in some rave reviews and is undeniably sleeker and better than any previous Apple OS, it still falls short of Android in several areas.

More Apps!

Androids Google Play Store doesn't  always offer better quality, but it does offer far more options than the App Store.

Ending Sharing Options.

In iOS apps, you can only share content via a few basic choices like Message, Mail, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. In Android, however, your app world is your oyster: You can move content through any installed app with sharing capabilities.

Third Party Keyboard Softwares

There aren many complaints about the typing experience on iOS 7, but Android still offers more options. You can replace Androids default keyboard with any third-party alternatives. Apps like SwiftKeys are one of the best alternatives.

More Customization

If you want to customize your android, the sky's the limit. Change anything you feel like.  But There are not many options in iOS. This is something Apple needs to work on, making iPhone more customizable.

A Better Notification Bar

One thing about android's popularity is its simplicity and transparency over its functions and everything. Comparing it to iOS 7, it revamps the iPhone Notification Center, Androids is still better.  

Images With Contact List

Android can automatically import photos for your contacts. Pretty Cool.

Ease With Multimedia

Android doesn't  care where your music comes from. Apple and iOS 7, however, require iTunes if you want to load your iPhone up with songs.

Stay tuned for more posts! :)

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